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  • Andrew Lee (Saturday, February 02 19 05:15 pm GMT)

    I have just finished fitting the Exact Start kit to my Ducati Sport 1000. Previously, even with the battery showing over 14v, there wasn't enough current to turn the engine especially when cold. Now when cold, one jab of the starter and it immediately starts. It runs more smoothly too. Nothing short of a total transformation. This is a high quality set of components which I would recommend to any bike owner. I'll fit the same thing to my Paul Smart next.

  • Philip Davidson (Friday, November 23 18 05:38 pm GMT)

    Well all the feedback and recommendations are for real, fitted the cable upgrade and boom the difference is transformational, seriously starting is massively improved and I feel confident that the beast will indeed fire up and work ALL of the time. Cannot praise this mod enough...….

  • Garry Sprake (Monday, November 05 18 08:27 am GMT)

    Hi folks,
    I've meaning to give some feedback for a while now. I have a 999S and the upgrade was like night and day. Starter motor performance and engine startup have been excellent. I also run a Magneti Marelli MM-ION-5 (yes a 5 amp/0.7kg) lithium ion battery (old battery was a Yuasa YT12B-BS [12 amp] 4 kg) with Microtec custom map and my bike is literally one-touch of the starter button, starting. Thanks again for having such a professionally made product to support my engine package.
    Best regards,

  • Rob Dorey (Saturday, December 30 17 10:00 am GMT)

    Well, in this day and age it's so nice to know that there are companies out there who still believe in a quality service. I ordered the cables yesterday (Friday) from your site and also ordered gaskets from eBay, not realising that they came from you. You still posted the orders as one and they were delivered early this morning (Saturday). Top marks for swift and intelligent service. I wish you and your company a good and prosperous 2018. Thank you. Rob.

  • John Turner (Sunday, November 19 17 04:36 pm GMT)

    I have had starting problems and symptoms of a flat battery on my 749 and reduced voltage sometimes only showing 9 volts, I purchased the Exact start kit and it literally starts at 1st press of the starter, my voltage is up to 13-5 to 13-8 it really has transformed my bike, delivery was very quick next day, it comes with comprehensive step by step installation guide, would thoroughly recommend this kit

  • Ian Price (Sunday, September 10 17 03:44 am BST)

    I have just fitted the Exact Start cable kit to my 2009 Ducati 1098R Troy Bayliss limited edition. The bike now starts instantly. The wiring kit was easy to install due to the excellent instructions which come as part of the Exact Start kit.
    I will be purchasing another Exact Start wiring kit for my 2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory.

  • Sue (Monday, May 09 16 08:12 pm BST)


    Hi Guys

    I just had to email you with a little more in depth feedback. I have to admit being a little sceptical that this kit could fix the problem let alone make the outstanding difference to my 1098 it has.
    The kit arrived rapidly and on opening it i was struck by the quality of the instructions with some very clear photographs and directions. I was impressed that everything you need was included, the
    only thing I was surprised was missing was a tool list but hey thats prety obviouse when you come to do it. The whole job is easily carried out and the end result was truely amazing, before fiting
    the bike would not turn over after spun up and fired in seconds. The whole bike rides and runs better and even if left a couple of days starts with prior to fitting not a chance without an opitmizer.
    Thank you very much £80 does seem on the face of it to be a lot for 3 cables but once fitted they are priceless.



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